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program |

Day1 – 21. Dec.2014

17:00 > Suggested arrival & check-in

19:00 > Dinner

20:00 >Presentation about the workshop


Day 2 – 22. Dec.2014

09:00 >  Guided tour in Glorenza

10:15 >  South Tyrolean snack

10:30  > Hackathon starts, initially professors and students work together.

12:30  > Lunch

14:30 – 18:30  > Professors participate in a scientific workshop to present their abstracts. While students continue with the hackaton.

19:00 > Dinner

21:30 – 22-30 > Final Briefing, professors and students review together the solutions and findings.


Day 3 – 23. Dec.2014

9:00 > Presentation of solutions

11:30 > Award Ceremony, while enjoying a brunch with local food.

12:30 > Starting  departure

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