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call |

As an university team

Each team consists of three students and a professor. A professor/researcher should send the names of each student member, and an extended abstract of a presentation that covers a “smart city” technology or application. The presentation will be shown in the workshop (format: length 1000 word, and a page of illustrations), see website for details.


As an individual researcher

Send an extended abstract, indicating individual participation (professor/researcher). The abstracts will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee on the basis of adherence to the the following “ open” list of topics:

  • Technological Ecosystems supporting learning within and from the “smart cities” (toward web-mobile-internet of thing’ integrated environments).
  • Future ‘smart cities’ learning scenarios (contexts and methods)
  • Ecological monitoring and visualization of flows, behaviours, experience’s styles and smart cities’ learning
  • The impact of contextualization, glocalities, identities
  • Educational Ecosystems: from ”intelligence’ to autopoietic education (edupoiesis).


After registration is done an information kit regarding the town problematics will be provided to the participants.


Download here the students flyer!  Download call full version! Download here the call brief version!

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